Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Ornaments

I just set up my wrought iron table top ornament tree in my entryway and realized that I have given away almost all of the hundreds of Christmas ornaments I have made in the past decade and a half. Some I managed to hang onto in photo form at least and I will be showing those old photos this month. For me it will be a trip down memory lane. Some of the older ones lack a certain polish when it comes to the finishing but I have been getting better as I practice. These were all given to my god-daughter, Sara, as part of an even dozen stitched ornament package for her bridal shower ... she assures me that all the ornaments I made for her will have pride of place on her very first tree as a married woman. Sara is one of my most appreciative young relatives. She still has the stocking I stitched for her when she was five ... she is now twenty-nine. She told me privately that my shower gift which included, among other things: the ornaments, a selection of Party-Lite candles and some of their Christmas-y candle holders, was her favorite shower gift ... and I am just egotistic enough and gullible enough to believe her. She used one of the candles I gave her as her unity candle at her wedding. The girl has a way of making me feel very good.

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Oh - gorgeous!!! Great job!!