Saturday, November 14, 2009

Friday the Thirteenth

Not so very unlucky at all. I managed to finish a few more small pieces.

Using some scraps of banding, I made a small change purse just large enough to hold one of those credit-card sized gift cards for next year's Halloween treats for my grandchildren ... just need to sew on a snap closure. The design is from Cherry Wood Design Studios and is the hat from the Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet chart. I repeated the design on the front and the back.

I also stitched the Thanksgiving free chart from the Stitcherhood and finished it as a fringed pillow ornament. I stitched the front as charted and then stitched a back that is a very close negative image of the front ... a few adjustments had to be made in the size and placement of the letters in the word THANKS.

And, using another scrap bit of linen, I stitched the rest of the Cherry Wood Design Studios chart mentioned above. I will stitch this up as a Trick or Treat tote later on this weekend. I have been going through my stash pulling out all the ornament sized remnants from other projects to use for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas ornament stitching. Every so often I get into a mood where I re-organize, use up and recycle the odds and ends in my stash of fabrics ... it's part of the program to simplify my life and go green and all that other good stuff.


Rachel S said...

Those look great!

Donna said...

Those are so cute! I love the little purse one.

Barb's Mindless "Meanderings" said...

How clever! I love both of them!
Barb in Syracuse