Thursday, November 5, 2009

Checking in

Still can't post a photo since I am working on a gift as my focus WIP ... but I am really enjoying this piece ... partly because I have been enjoying the silk for cotton substitutions I made, and the back that I designed for it, but mostly because I have had the pleasure of meeting the stitching buddy for which it is intended. I have come up with a little brainstorm to personalize it in a special way ... and that is giving me a "happy dance" kind of feeling. This should be done today. Would've been done yesterday except that I was sidetracked by the arrival in the mail of the new J.D. Robb mystery, Kindred in Death. Instead of stitching in the evening as I usually do, I dove right into the book.
Getting back to Esmeralda's House after that will be fun: I only have one room left to do on this fun and funky piece. Hope to have that done by Sunday evening and to post photos at that time. The blog has been looking a little dull without photos lately.


Rachel S said...

Can't wait to see the finish.

I love Esmerelda's House! The last picture looked fantastic!

Daffycat said...

That's the only bad part about gifts and exchange photos!

Visit my blog for a photo idea for you to post. ***wink***

Donna said...

Hey cutie patootie, I need your mailing address. Shoot me an e-mail so I can get everything to you.