Sunday, November 22, 2009

WIP Report

The Colon Cancer block for the Stitching For A Cure Quilt was an amazingly quick stitch ... a very simple design, regular repeats, just two colors ... what could be easier?

And, some progress on the Handblessings Autumn Leaves and Acorn bookmark ... not on my list of November goals but somehow, it seemed an appropriate piece to sneak into the rotation.

I find that concentrating on fewer projects at a time is a more effective way to meet my monthly goals. Even so, I feel a serious bout of startitis coming on. On one of the message boards I frequent, there was a link to the gift of stitching blog's monthly challenge ... a lovely little heart motif that I can just see repeated in a square as the basis for a biscornu. Then, while visiting a blog, I saw a floss tag made from plastic canvas that gave me ideas about using the leftover pieces from a Santa tissue box cover I made for my Mom years ago ... somehow I never seem to be able to throw away scraps since I am absolutely positive that I will eventually find a use for them ... and I always seem to, though it can be years in the making. So I just had to convert the current Prairie Schooler free chart, a little snowman in front of a Christmas tree measuring 30x34 stitches, to start making this somewhat larger than normal floss tag ... There are times when I have the stitching equivalent of Attention Deficit Disorder. Though I label items in my monthly goals as focus projects, I do have a problem maintaining that focus. It is probably because the focus projects are BAPs and I am the sort of stitcher who needs a frequent change of pace, no matter how much I love the BAP in question. I rarely stitch on one project exclusively, from start to finish. The one time I did was last year, stitching the first four Sue Hillis' annual Santas one after another, with no other projects in between, from late Dec 2008 through early February 2009 ... followed by a six week period when I did no stitching at all ... not exactly the result I was seeking.

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