Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November Giveaway

I think I will continue last month's theme and stick to Christmas charts for my monthly giveaway. There is still time to incorporate them into a stitching rotation in time for a Christmas finish. And, of course, some folks enjoy stitching Christmas themed charts during the holiday season itself. I will be giving away the charts only [charms not included since I used them when I stitched the pieces] of Sue Hillis' Annual Charmed Santas: Gingerbread, Birdhouse, Noah's Ark and Stitcher. I believe the charms are still available from Sue Hillis' website. But, while the charms are very sweet little embellishments, the designs stand quite nicely without them. There will also be a mystery bonus ... another Sue Hillis Christmas season chart which shall remain unidentified to surprise and [one hopes] delight the winner. These charts are sized to fit into standard frames ... 8x10, I think. So if you are looking for ornaments, these aren't for you.

The usual conditions will apply:

---post a comment in the section below about why you would like to receive this giveaway.
---all stitcher's [international, Canada and USA] may participate.
---include your e-mail address if clicking on your name will not lead me to a profile that includes that information
---please commit to passing these charts forward or donating them to a women's shelter or prison when you are through stitching them ... this is unenforceable, I know, but my goal is to share my love of stitching with others who may not have seen some of my favorite designer's charts. I have been alerted to so many lovely new-to-me designers by reading the blogs of others that I would like to return the favor. Believe it or not, the very popular and widely known Sue Hillis was one of those 'new-to-me' designers which I discovered through the Eva's blog. Those of us who don't live near an LNS and shop online tend to revisit our established bookmarked sites and sometimes miss out on the wide variety available to us. Even when we visit broader sites like the Online Needlework Show, time does not permit looking at everything so we tend to scan those we think most likely to interest us. It's a rather hit or miss process!


Eva said...

So glad I could enable you! I am not entering your contest as I already own every Sue Hillis chart known to man.....but it is a very nice thing to do!

Truck said...

Please enter me into your contest. Why truck? you may ask yourself....because she love, love, loves to stitch for Christmas and being such the enabler you will gladly enable Truck to stitch more christmas stuff.

Thanks for the chance.


Trish said...

I would love to enter! I discovered Sue just in the past year or so. I adore her patterns. I so wanted to start her Santa's but I lost my job last month so I have to make due with stitching from my own stash. If I am chosen I will be more than happy to do a PIF! Thank you!


stitchinfiend said...

Thank you for the opportunity to win this beautiful chart. I also discovered Sue Hillis charts not long ago and am thinking of doing her yearly Santa's and this would be a great way to start. Here is my email address.

Bronny said...

Thank you for this chance - I've added you to my competition sidebar
I've admired Sue Hillis designs, but also having no LNS, have yet to own any.

About Me.... said...

I would LOVE to stitch these Riona and would glad to donate to the local Senior Center in Peoria, AZ if that would be acceptable....I am a fasr stitcher too! Thank you for a chance!!!

Stitchinowl said...

Please include me in your generous contest. I would love to stitch these because I love Sue Hillis patterns and I also collect Santas. One of the nicest things about Sue Hillis' patterns is that they fit in standard size frames! I would be happy to do a PIF. Thanks for the chance.

rcscg at aol dot com

bamamomof3 said...


Thank you so much for the contest. Sue Hillis is one of my favorite desgines along with Lizzie Kate. I love your blog and seeing your projects very nice ..
I do love Christmas also so please enter my name. Thanks Gloria

Dee said...

Receiving these Santa designs would be a treat for me. I love Gingerbread designs,birdhouses and anything Christmas and I love to stitch!

There is a shop in town called Leftovers run by retired art teachers who hold community workshops for schools, Boy and Girl Scouts and other interested groups. I donate my "leftover" cross stitch magazines, leaflets, and supplies for those who may be interested in sewing or stitching.

Thanks for offering the Santa charts.

Denise R
deniser @
(remove spaces for valid email )

Carol said...

I would love to win any of these, Riona, but especially the Gingerbread Santa. I am the cookie/pie baker for all family get-togethers and he would look just perfect in my holiday kitchen :)

Thanks for the chance...

april said...

Thanks for the contest. I would love to stitch some of Sue's Santas. I have admired them for years, but didn't have the courage to stitch anything bigger than an ornament, but that has changed now and I would love to stitch these Santas. I would definately PIF when I am done stitcihng them.

Thank you so much

Kim said...

Please enter me - I love Santa's and would love to stitch! I will be very happy to PIF when I am finished. Thanks!