Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Winner and Some Sewing Finishes

I used an on-line randomizer, feeding in numbers 1 through 11 to choose the winner of the Sue Hillis chart package: # 3, Annette, aka stichinfiend. I e-mailed her for her snail mail address. And, since she responded almost immediately, she should get her package in the mail shortly. My thanks to all who participated in the giveaway. Check back on December 4 for my next giveaway which will be a finished Christmas ornament.

I had intended to spend most of today doing house cleaning and running errands ... well the house cleaning had to remain a part of the program but the errands, with the exception of some grocery shopping, have been replaced by some sewing. I really am just too tired to run around, driving hither and yon in a 50 mile radius getting all the errands done ... maybe I'll be up for it on Friday. We shall see.

In any case, here are the results of my sewing mini-marathon:
Some ornament finishes. First, The Prairie Schooler Christmas Tree. Second, the Have a Jolly Halloween ornament. Then, I finished Monsterbubbles' Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun into a mini wall hanging for my daughter, using a fabric that brought out the vibrant colors of the lettering

I also sewed some 32 ct scraps of linen together flea market style which I plan to use for a project featuring either Fall motifs or Halloween motifs or some old fashioned stitchers ... sampler style and with the sort of embellishments one sees on the Pin Tangle blog. I haven't decided just what I will do yet and will probably change my mind several times before I start the project. I'll probably finish the piece as either a pillow or a tote. As any reader can tell, I really like to keep my options open.
And then came an attack of startitis, beginning with Handblessing's Autumn bookmark and continuing with yet another Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet variation. This is from Cherry Wood Designs. I am using a scrap of linen that is not tall enough to include the charted hat above the lettering but I feel the design will stand quite nicely on its own feet. [Pun, pun ... you may all groan in unison!] I will stitch the hat, which is really quite cute, on its own, as a little pillow ornament. Finally, I made a lot of twisted cord to finish the ornaments pictured above ... some of which was made in the colors I actually needed ... Lesson learned: never choose floss for cord-making in a hurry and in poor light! I now have some blue grey/coral cord for which I will have to find a project. I was going for grey green/pale pumpkin. I ended up actually making a dark pumpkin/ecru cord because I couldn't find the exact colors I wanted in DMC ... unless I was willing to raid kitted up projects, which I most definitely was not.


Erynne said...

Wow, Riona! You certainly have created some lovely finishes! Thank you for posting about how you're using your scraps. I have quite a few scraps of my own that I need to do something with. Everytime I open my fabby drawer, they go flying everywhere......well, the drawer is a bit over stuffed. :)

stitchinfiend said...

Riona I want to thank you so much for holding this competition. I was so excited when I won. I am looking forward to stitching them up and then PIF.

I have also stitched the One Generation to another and just love it.

Your mini sewing marathon has produced some lovely ornaments. I need to have a sewing marathon too.