Saturday, December 7, 2013

Tough Choices

It was terribly difficult to choose a winner of my little giveaway.  I enjoyed reading all the comments left on that post and was particularly touched by four of them.  So, my decision is based partly on my reactions to the comments [as noted in the giveaway "rules"] and partly on my more usual method using an on-line randomizer [to break the four way tie].

The winner is Calamity Jr who liked reading about my design process because she expects to see photos of stitching on a stitching blog but she found that delving into another aspect of our shared passion was an unexpected treat.  I will be arranging for a gift certificate to be sent her way ASAP.

I found it very interesting the way the choices broke down.  There were 17 comments, one of which was simply a congratulatory note rather than an entry.  

Of the remaining 16
3 voted for Santas on Parade
2 voted for The Designing Process
3 voted for All Hallow's Eve Stitchery
2 voted for Thanksgiving Stitchery
4 voted for Some Thoughts on Pricing Trends
1 voted for Totems and Talismans
1 couldn't choose between Totems and Talismans and All Hallow's Eve Stitchery

Now, while 16 people is hardly a representative sample of stitchers world wide or even of stitchers who read my blog, I am going to be reckless and draw a few conclusions from my little survey.  
1] with 8 1/2 votes for the various stitching collections, most people want to see photos of finished stitching
2] with 4 votes for pricing trends, many stitchers are concerned about increasing cost.  This post is several years old but it seems to resonate with stitchers as much today as it did when originally posted.
3] although the design post only got 2 votes, many of you mentioned it as a second runner up.  So I guess quite a few of us either design from scratch or re-design existing charts.  This doesn't surprise me: the textile arts draw a lot of creative people.
4] Finally, although I call my blog a stitching and general musings blog, the low interest in the Totems and Talismans entry [1 1/2 votes] indicates a general disinterest in any of my musings off the topic of stitching.  I don't stray from the topic of stitching too often but I will probably continue to do so every so often simply because it pleases me to write such posts.  The Totems and Talismans post was my favorite of the group listed above, followed closely by the The Designing Process, both of which got the lowest votes from you folks.


Vickie said...

Interesting indeed!

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Hmmm...that is interesting!
And I've gotten behind (again) but I wanted to congratulate you on your stocking, if I'm not wrong, I believe you have finished? It is utterly gorgeous!

Anna van Schurman said...

Sorry I was offline for this. :(
I enjoyed going back through your posts!

Julie said...

Makes interesting reading. Congrats to your winner.

CalamityJr said...

Thank you for your response to my comment. It's fun to be rewarded for voicing an opinion!

Maggee said...

Having to choose one (as it required--I'm a stickler for directions!) made this a fun but kind of sticky giveaway. Everyone has their own opinions--and we can put whatever we LIKE (or dislike!) on our own blogs! Tho this has not been one of my more prolific blogging years, I still love it! Hugs!