Thursday, December 12, 2013

Still Working on the Sampler

My cold kept me home on Monday.  I didn't try to stitch for fear I'd just have to frog it all.  I can't seem to concentrate when I have a cold.  And this cold is perniciously persistent.  [I do love alliteration.]

Progress when last seen
And, on Tuesday, the schools were all closed for snow and I was feeling just well enough to get a little stitching done.  I finished the two motifs that were started in the above photo and have started back stitching and specialty stitching on them.  To complete the band, I have to duplicate what you see below to the right but flipping the stars to the top and the floral motifs to the bottom and completing the satin stitched border that looks rather like a double  helix.  Now, I picked this up again after a little over a year on Friday, 11/29.  At that time, all I had stitched and back stitched was the flower on the upper left and the Tudor Rose was stitched but not back stitched.  It has taken me 12 days to stitch three motifs and do some of the back stitching and specialty stitching.  At this rate, it will take the rest of the month to get the second half of this band done.  This is a very fussy and time consuming band.

Current Progress
I'll be working a 12 hour day today so I will bring this with me to stitch when on my lunch and dinner breaks.  I hope I will have a much better progress photo soon.  I have a three day weekend and we are expecting heavy snow Saturday and Sunday so it will be something of a hermitting weekend.  We shall see how much stitching I get done.


Julie said...

When I look at it on the screen it looks stunning, and so worth the fussy and time consuming it is taking. Hope you are soon feeling much better.

Maggee said...

Oooh I would love a hermitting time, but it would be better during the week, and so much snow they couldn't make us come in no matter what! Then we might even get paid! You are doing great! Love the bright colors...