Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Putting Up my Tree

I put up my Christmas decor, such as it is, on Christmas Eve and take it down on the Feast of the Epiphany.  I have three trunks filled with Christmas tree ornaments, Christmas figurines and framed stitching, Christmas linens, candle holders, creche sets, etc.  But as I get older, I find I use very little of it.  Less has become more.

This year I am just putting up my hall tree with stitched ornaments and a small live potted tree in the living room.

Here are a few shots of the minimalist Christmas here.

A small creche figurine on the hall table and a wreath on the door complete the decorations this year.  In a few years, I'll be retired and have the time to do more.  I have a nice collection of framed Sue Hillis Santas that I usually put up along the tops of my book cases along with my collection of ceramic Santas.  And one trunk is filled with 40 years worth of ornaments.  When I am retired, I hope to put a big tree in the living room and a small one in every other room.

I suspect that sometime next summer I shall have a sort of Christmas in July 2014 celebration, when I shall sort through all the decorations and make decisions about what I shall keep and what I shall offer to my grown children and what I shall offer to the consignment shop.


wilma b said...

Love your little trees!

Vickie said...

It looks great Regina. I went with less this year. Don't regret it. God bless you and your husband now and next year.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I love your wire trees, they are perfect for stitched ornies.

We have had to cut back over the last three years because of my younger son but he was much better this year so maybe a little more will come out next year. The tree lives behind a fence in the lounge!