Monday, December 16, 2013

Still Plugging Away at the Sampler

I am becoming something of a schizophrenic stitcher.  For the most part, I have become a one BAP at a time stitching dervish. But, every so often, during what I will call BAP overload, another stitching persona surfaces who only wants to stitch a flurry of smalls.

For the moment the OCD BAP stitcher persona is still in control of my body and I am working diligently on The English Band Sampler.  Since my work week is compressed into four days, Mon-Thurs, I had some time on Friday and Saturday to work on my sampler and I managed to stitch for 4 or 5 hours, working around the usual household chores and mealtimes.  I did have to do a bit of frogging.  I guess it is not a good idea to satin stitch on a high count fabric late at night.  Tired eyes are all too likely to miscount linen threads nestled under a satin stitch, throwing off the symmetry.  But otherwise things are moving along smoothly but ever so slowly.

Since this is such a repetitive design, it is perfectly understandable that reader interest has plummeted.  Heck, I am having a bit of a struggle keeping up my own interest as I face repeating the motifs.  I have only completed the left half of the band and the divider and border on the right.  The only difference between the half I have stitched and the half on the right of the divider is that the design is flipped head over tail.  Otherwise, each half features the same repetitive floral and star motifs.  Hardly the sort of thing to inspire bated breath delight.  I guess every project has its rough patch ... even the dearly loved Woodland Angel had its snow drift!  I am really looking forward to getting past this band.  But at the rate I am going, it shouldn't take more than a decade or two.

I'll hold off posting a progress photo till there is more progress to boast about.

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Maggee said...

At least you are stitching. So many of us have no time! Merry Christmas!