Thursday, December 19, 2013

Okay, I want My Christmas Traditions Back and I want Them NOW!!!

I have avoided engaging in the Christmas Wars.  Even though working for the Catholic Church would seem to put me on the front lines.

It really doesn't matter to me whether a person says Happy Holidays, Season's Greetings or Merry Christmas.

I don't flaunt bumper stickers, T-shirts or lapel pins with messages like Keep Christ in Christmas, Jesus is the Reason for the Season or It's okay to wish me a Merry Christmas.

I ignore the silly "Christmas" songs on the radio.  You know the sort:  Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer, Yingle Bells, Hairy Christmas and such.  I hum Christmas Carols to myself.

The town hall lawn can be adorned by menorah's, creches, Kwanza candles till it looks like Disney World for all I care.  

I avoid malls, outlets and shops from November through January.  I blithely delete all the e-mails offering me one last chance for free shipping before Christmas.  I have no clue what the latest must-have toy or electronic gadget is.  If other people want to get all involved in that consumerism schtick ... hey, more power to them.

I may be a devout Roman Catholic but I have always lived in very diverse communities and I don't expect the world to revolve around my belief system.


Not one single local grocery has had a stollen or a fruitcake for sale. And, yes, I have been making the rounds since Thanksgiving.  I finally had to break down and order a 2lb fruit cake from Harry & David for $29.95 plus shipping and handling.  Still can't find a stollen.  I'll be surfing the Internet to find the nearest German bakery tonight.  If I have to go into the city [NYC] just to find a stollen, I am going to be one cranky elf.

And do you know how hard it is to find old-fashioned candy canes in red and white stripes flavored with peppermint?  Oh, there's french vanilla, spearmint, cherry, cherry vanilla, root beer and eggnog flavor.  For all I know, there's  even spinach and tripe flavor.  And the colors: rainbow, green and white, blue and white [for the Channukah trade?!?], brown and white, cream and green, etc.

And marzipan.  I need this to make pignoli cookies.  Has it suddenly ceased to exist?

Come to think of it, I haven't seen any chestnuts in the produce sections of the supermarkets, either.  Peanuts roasting over an open fire just doesn't have the same cachet!


Vickie said...

haha! Walmart is no help? Red and white candy canes all over around here. Try Walgreen, Walmart and the dollar stores.

Cynthia M. said...

So true about the fruitcakes!! I'm one of those weird people who actually likes them but they are so hard to find. I did get a Claxton's fruitcake (a small rectangular bar really) at my local supermarket in the Detroit area and that's been it. Remember Jane Parker fruitcakes sold at A and P? You had your choice of light or dark and, oh, were they good. Good luck in your search.

Laura said...

Cost Plus World Market carries Stollen - and right now (or at least until a few days ago), they had free shipping on Christmas items. I get my Pfeffernusse cookies through them. Might check them out?


Berit said...

I've seen...all that stuff in spades except the fruitcake. Seriously, you can't chuck a rock w/o hitting a stollen in North Jersey.

Vicky said...

If every you need the plain ole red and white stripped peppermint tasting candy canes let me know as that is about all you get in Australia LOL

Merry Christmas :)

Melissa said...

I know what you mean! Last year I found a "red Orange" candy cane... like really???? Is there any need???

Julie said...

I hope you manage to get hold of your Christmas goodies.

Anna van Schurman said...

Refreshing complaints! :) My dad buys a fruitcake made in Texas. Swears by them, if the H&D turns out to be only okay. Also, check out Vermont Country Store. They live to bring traditional things to the people.