Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The English Band Sampler: Last Finish of 2013 or First of 2014?

I am not sure I will finish this before the end of the year.  I have this band to finish which means five more floral motifs, repeating those already pictures.  The next two bands are solidly stitched.  It is most definitely a change of pace from The Woodland Angel that was my main focus for the last half of 2013.  I didn't manage much stitching on Sunday ... only about a half an hour before I admitted that my incipient migraine was winning the battle with the two Excedrin Migraine tablets I had taken.

The English Band Sampler as last seen.

The English Band Sampler: current progress

So any progress made has been stitched in small snatches of time around the workday yesterday.  Forty minutes before work, thirty minutes during the lunch hour and a bit more once I got home.  I stitched a bit more on the blue star-shaped floral motif though I have the back stitching and straight stitching and Algerian eyes yet to do.  I finished the back stitching on the deep coral floral motif.  Not all that much, to be sure, but progress is progress.

Considering how much more there is to do I am not at all certain of a 2013 finish but I will try.


Julie said...

So vibrant send colourful, it's be beautiful

Linda said...

What a great design Regina. I love the bright colors.


Maggee said...

It sure is going to be pretty! I have to look it up and see where we are headed on this one! Hugs!