Friday, March 1, 2013

Not a Cat in Sight

I thought I'd start March by demoting the cats to just one project in a five project rotation.  

So here goes:  

I have kitted up the next Town Square ornament, The Frame Shop ...

And I have kitted up Cedar Hill The Berry Patch Rabbit from stash, making a few substitutions as needed/desired.  I am determined to stitch primarily from stash for the next little while.  I have so much fabric and floss of all kinds that it seems pointless to buy more.  So things may not be stitched exactly as charted but at least I'll be reducing the amount of stuff my heirs will have to dispose of.

I have joined a Stocking SAL that meets on Fridays and posts photos every fortnight.  The next photo is due tomorrow, March 2nd.  So I shall spend the day stitching Teresa Wentzler's Woodland Angel Christmas Stocking in order to have something to post..  I may very well spend the entire weekend working on the stocking.  And next week I shall reinstitute a proper rotation. The cats will just have to wait till their turn comes up again.  They have monopolized my stitching hours long enough and shall now be relegated to just another piece in the current stitching bag.

So here's the planned rotation:

Friday, Saturday & Sunday: TW's The Woodland Angel Christmas Stocking
Monday: Cedar Hill's The Berry Patch Rabbit
Tuesday: Town Square SAL The Cross Stitch Shop
Wednesday: Mystic Smalls Needle Book
Thursday:  Midnight Moogies
Friday, Saturday & Sunday: Back to TW's stocking

I am giving the stocking the entire weekend because it is extremely complex and I want to have it finished well in time for Christmas 2013.  But that's not all: I want to start and finish another stocking for a second grandchild with the same Christmas 2013 deadline.  All the other projects are for me and I can be quite patient but the two stockings are time-sensitive.  My third grandchild will just have to wait till 2014 for his stocking.


Linda said...

Enjoy your stocking stitching and look forward to seeing your progress photo on Saturday.

Linda said...

Looks like a great rotation plan.