Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Rotation Stitching Progress Photos

Just a small correction: People seem to have gotten the impression that my Irish Stitchery post showed recent finishes ... I guess since most of my March posts have been about sewing finishes.  In truth, the Irish pieces have been done over many years and were posted in the spirit of St. Patrick's Day.  I know I have really been heating up the old sewing machine but even during one of my most frantic finishing frenzies, I can only manage two or three items a day unless they are ornaments and then the number might jump to five or six.

I haven't posted any photos of my current projects since I returned to rotation stitching, so here goes:

Monday: Cedar Hill's The Berry Patch Rabbit:  You can just see the shape of the rabbit forming: a powerful haunch and hind paw, a front leg and the suggestion of a chest.  I had to do a bit of frogging here.  The chart called for the body of the rabbit to be stitched in a blended needle of DMC 3041 and 407.  I thought it an odd choice, mauve and medium brown, but I trust this particular designer and assumed it was one of those surprising juxtapositions of color that somehow worked.  It didn't take long to discover that that was not the case, at least to my taste.  I'd like to believe it was a typo but the description frankly stated lavender and mauve.  I kept trying to tell myself that this is how a rabbit would look if it was snuggled down in the shadowy underbrush.  But I just wasn't happy with it.  Once I substituted DMC 3031 for 3041, the piece began to look much more satisfactory.
Tuesday: Town Square SAL The Cross Stitch Shop:  I have begun working by outlininging the windows and doors and the over one sign first because the actual walls of the building are being filled in with horizontal straight stitches arranged to look like brick placement ... as you can see in the lower left corner..
Wednesday: Mystic Smalls Needle Book  No progress since I was not well enough to stitch  Wednesday before last and was preoccupied with finishing this last Wednesday.  I figured no progress would be better than the regression of stitching errors and the resulting frogging so I read and napped instead on the day I wasn't feeling up to snuff.
Thursday: Midnight Moogies.  Same deal as with Mystic Smalls, only substitute Thursday for Wednesday..
Friday, Saturday & Sunday: Back to TW's stocking.  .  Truth be known, I actually spent my time Friday and Saturday on sewing and assembly finishes rather than on the stocking.  I did get back to this piece on Sunday, though.  With all the confetti stitching in the snow and shadow, this may not look all that impressive ... but, trust me, progress has been made.

I have been enjoying the variety after the three and a half month stint of stitching Midnight Moogies exclusively.  I admit I miss the satisfaction of massive progress on a single piece but it surely has been nice to add a finish or two, however small to my  sewing finishes sidebar.  It was beginning to look quite bare for this time of year.  As this month continues, I hope to be able to add a few more finishes both to the Cross Stitch Finish and Sewing Finish sidebars.  This would be a real boost to my stitcher's ego.

And I am enjoying my blog again.  I am getting to write about a variety of stitching and finishing.  It would seem that my readers are enjoying the increased variety as well since the page views per day have increased rather dramatically, over 150 a day since I stopped concentrating on the cats.    Some of the posts actually garnered more than 250 page views per day.  Those are pretty high numbers for me.  And it's not like I have totally abandoned the cats; they will be getting one day of every week.  Of course, the day being Thursday, that translates to only one or two hours a week.  Thursday is a full work day, after all.


wilma b said...

Your stitching looks great...I'm going to love that stocking! I find it interesting to see how people start their stitching. If I can, I prefer to start somewhere near the top left of my pieces.

Linda said...

Great progress on all of them Regina.


Julie said...

Lots of lovely progress. What a strange combination for a bunny?