Saturday, March 16, 2013

Some More Finishes

This has been a great month for finishing.  Not counting the totes on this post, I have managed to add 17 items to the sewing finishes sidebar just this month.  Admittedly, all of them must be labelled smalls: most are ornaments which aren't major deals when it comes to finishing.  But it is some consolation for not having a cross-stitch finish yet this far into the year.  With any sort of luck, I'll manage one or two of those within the next few weeks as well.  Midnight Moogies is fairly close to a finish.  The Mystic Smalls are moving along as well.  And the Berry Patch Rabbit is a smallish piece as well.  So, I have some hopes for listing some cross stitch finishes soon

I did finish up a few totes:

Jennifer Aiken-Smith [Dragon Dreams] Dragon of Compassion as a very girly tote for my very girly 3 year old granddaughter.  I figure since I think this finish disgustingly over-the-top fussy, Piper will find it adequate.

Papillion's Peacocks as a gift tote to be put aside till needed.  I am thinking I could use it for my Mom's birthday in April or for her Mother's Day gifts in May.

I also assembled the two Kogin Christmas Tree ornaments and made the cording to trim them and made and stuffed a small pin pillow.  All I need to do is slip stitch it closed and stitch on the twisted cord trim.  So, I should be able to add another three finishes to the sidebar tomorrow.

That brings the total for the month up to 19, with three more finishes looming on the horizon.  This pretty much clears my dining room table of all the accumulated small or uncomplicated sewing finishes of cross stitch pieces for the time being.  I do have several more cross stitch pieces awaiting tote finiishes and I have a few simple crafting sewing finishes left to complete as well.  But once those are done, I intend to work on the more complex cross stitch project sewing finishes that I have on hand and start to winnow those down at the rate of three a month.  I have nine pillows, one tea cozy and two pedestal style pincushions in my to-do basket.  It would be so nice to be able to catch up with all my finishing but that never seems to happen.  But, in this year of stitching mostly large projects [BAP WIPs and class projects], most of which will require framing rather than sewing and assembly, maybe there is some hope of coming close.  I won't be accumulating projects requiring sewing finiishes at the usual rate and will be able to deal with the back log.

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Julie said...

Beautiful totes, they are always so useful