Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sewing and Assembly Finishes

When I finally got around to replacing the broken needle in my sewing machine. I zipped through a few small finishes and stabilized the edge of some blue linen so that I could start my next Town Square SAL ornament and some Silkweaver Desert Sky linen so I could start the new piece in my rotation, Cedar Hill's Berry Patch Rabbit.  Then on to some actual finishing.  Some of these finishes were already in the works when that sewing machine needle broke so you needn't be overly impressed with my diligence.  

I stitched this candle mat last summer but only got around to starting the sewing and assembly finish last month ... and then came the infamous broken sewing machine needle incident ... but I have finally taken care of that and now am catching up on the sewing finishes

Tooth Fairy Pillow:  This was a Better Homes and Gardens kit inherited from my mother when she decided to clean out her stash.  The back is the same blue and white pillow ticking as the tooth pocket.  I'll be sending this to my rather precocious grandson who, at five has already lost a tooth.  But, with luck, he'll have it in time for the second one.

La-D-Da Cardinal ornaments:  stitched a veritable flock of these little guys and still have one more ornament cut in the proper color to stitch yet another.  I like to stitch these cardinals when I have a bunch of floss leftover from kits: I stitch the little scarves in whatever colors come to hand.  Waste not, want not.  And I have six more birds for my Christmas tree.

Rotation Stitching Progress:
Monday: Cedar Hill's Berry Patch Rabbit.  I substituted Silkweaver's 28 ct cashel linen in Desert Sky for the recommended R & R Sea Fog linen and am using the recommended DMC colors.  I toyed with the notion of replacing them with silks but I didn't have the range in khaki tones that would have been required.  Since I wanted to get this into the rotation before Easter, good old reliable DMC will do quite nicely.  Not enough progress to warrant a photo.  That will have to wait till next week.
Tuesday: Town Square SAL The Cross Stitch Shop.  I substituted Silkweaver Marine Blue 36ct linen for the recommended Norden Flax 28ct linen.  The 36 ct is to keep it more ornament sized and the blue is to keep it consistent with the others in the series.  I have made a few other changes as well, substituting Crescent Colors Spinach for GAST Lexington Green so as to stitch from stash.  I also made the window boxes the same spinach green as the window trim to avoid having the flowers look like they are growing out of the window frame instead of out of the planter box and I'll be filling in the window glass with a pale blue, one strand over two threads.  And I'll be stitching the door in fawn and spinach and reserving the Indian Summer for the brick stitch instead of using the mulberry for the building itself.  Again, not enough progress to warrant a photo.  I only managed about an hour and half of stitching time before having to go to work.  Next week, I hope to have a photo for you all.

And on today, it will be back to the Mystic Smalls.


Linda said...

Beautiful finishing - I especially like the lighthouse candle mat. Keep up the good work and look forward to seeing your latest progress photos.

Vickie said...

Great accomplishments. Feels good doesn't it?

Linda said...

What great finishes. I love them all.


Sarah Beth said...

I love your cardinals. They are so cute. They will look really nice on the tree and what a great way to use up extra floss. Will you be selling this pattern when your done? I would love to buy it from you if you are done with it.

Julie said...

The candle mat is beautiful, but the little tooth fairy pillow is adorable... so cute.