Thursday, February 28, 2013

Assessing & Setting Monthly Goals

Since I have been doing a bit more reading than usual this month, I've didn't quite manage to meet all of my February goals, not quite finishing pieces but making serious headway on most of them.

2013 Challenge: WIPs & UFOs. Finish work on Midnight Moogies.  Time permitting resume work on the Jacobean Elegance Afghan.  Although I didn't actually finish with the cats, I have made considerable progress, enough to justify printing this assessment in blue which is my personal code for "accomplished".  At least, the seemingly endless grey border stitched in DMC 169 is complete.  I still have most of the two vertical legs of the inner checkerboard border to complete and the flowers and leaves at the bottom but the end is in sight.  Perhaps I'll actually finish it in March but I won't be holding my breath.  I am in need of a bit more variety and will be returning to rotation stitching.  I am not certain I will finish this piece in a month once it has been rrelegated to only 1/5th of my stitching time.
2013 Class Projects Challenge.  Continue Work on Mystic Smalls projects.  I finished stitching the Scissor Case in this class kit and will hold off on the assembly finish till I have completed all the pieces in the set.  And I have started work on the Needle Book.
Town Square SAL.  Stitch The Frame Shop. Kitted up and started.
Sewing and Assembly Finishes.  Complete three.  No.

MARCH GOALS:  given that I didn't actually manage to meet February's very modest goals, I am going to continue with my more realistic attitude and I'll be scaling back my expectations.  You'll note two additional categories this month but I won't be setting myself any grandiose goals of finishing anything.  All I hope to do this month is enjoy a little variety and rediscover my love of the process of stitching.  Sometimes, with my A type personality, I get too bound up in the rush toward the end product of stitching:  finish this and finish that, use up this scrap of fabric and re-purpose these flosses ... it's all about ticking things off lists and updating inventory and filing away charts in the finished binder or passing them on if not deemed "collectible" enough.  Well, not anymore.  I plan to enjoy each and every stitch during March and if a finish comes along, all well and good, but not necessary!
2013 BAPs: resume work on TW Woodland Angel Christmas Stocking.
2013 Challenge: WIPs and UFOs: continue work on Midnight Moogies.
2013 Class Projects Challenge: continue work on Mystic Smalls, this month's project will be the needlebook.  There are two in the chart pack.  I'll be stitching the one with the dockside street scene.  I have already stitched the stitching ladies twice.  A third time would be a bit much.
2013 Start: kit up and start work on Cedar Hill's Berry Patch Rabbit
Town Square SAL:  continue to stitch The Frame Shop.
Sewing and Assembly Finishes: Complete three.
Simply enjoy the process.

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