Thursday, March 14, 2013

One More Ornament Finish

This is a long overdue gift which I will be getting out in the mail as soon as possible.  It is Ink Circles Full Moon.  I stitched it for myself on the recommended cream colored linen but for this gift to an English stitching buddy, I thought I'd  go with this lovely purple linen to serve as a night sky background.  I love this particular design and may very well stitch it again should I ever need a Halloween exchange.  Keeping everything perfectly symmetrical calls for slightly tricky counting but the final effect is well worth the effort.  I used a tri-color home-made twisted cord for this version: three purples, one of which matching the linen.  And a beaded hanger using orange and lavender seed beads and gold bugle beads.    I backed it with a greenish black satin finish double knit fabric which, though a somewhat odd choice, actually worked very well.  All in all, I am rather pleased with the final finish and I hope Jo enjoys it once it is finally received.


Linda said...

Another great ornament Regina.


*-* said...

Great Finishes, I love your beautiful work.

Julie said...

Being a cat lover this one appeals to me, great job!