Thursday, March 7, 2013

Some More Sewing and Assmebly Finishes

Since the darling children in my religious education program seem to have passed on the rather nasty stomach bug that's going around, I had an unanticipated day off yesterday.  And I spent some of it working on additional ornament finishes.  I seem to have accumulated quite a lot of cross stitched ornaments that required "some assembly."  So, here are some photos of yesterday's progress.

I stitched together and stuffed two more small pillow Christmas ornaments but have yet to slip-stitch them closed and add a hanger.  One is an Elizabethan design [a very old freebie that I finally stitched last Fall] and the other is a Japanese Kogin design, a bonus chart in the class kit of Phyllis Mauer's Japanese Kogin Tea Cozy from the old C.A.T.S. festival.  I also stitched a Kogin Christmas Tree from that same chart pack but haven't yet gotten around to the finish-finish.

And I started work on a gift tote I will use for my 3 year old granddaughter's Easter package.  Now my dear little girl is totally into girly frou-frou and pink.  As many of  my readers know, I detest pink and prefer the minimalist approach in most things.  Less is more is a truism I live by.  So it is an act of grandmotherly love to turn Jennifer Aiken Smith's Dragon of Compassion into a tote for my Piper.  I have been playing with possible trim placements for the front of the tote and have come up with this arrangement.  I think it is well over the top which means Piper will probably think it just makes the cut.  I will finish up the tote tomorrow.  Not only is Friday my day-off but we are expecting snow later on today with an accumulation of five inches or so by tomorrow morning.  I'll also spend part of Friday working on some flat ornament finishing which I tend to do assembly line style.  I have about 8-10 ornaments that need this treatment.  Maybe by the end of the weekend, I'll have another finishing post.

Rotation Stitching Progress:  Sadly, I neglected my Wednesday assignment, the Mystic Smalls Needlebook, in favor of reading for a while and napping for a while longer.  Stitching while ill is never a good plan for me and generally results in more un-stitching than stitching.


Vickie said...

Regina, I have prayed for you.
I hope you accomplish much on Friday.

Cynthia said...

Hope you're feeling better. The book reading was a good idea instead of stitching. I was home sick the last 2 days and read instead of stitching.

Julie said...

I hope you are now fully recovered, there are some real nasty bugs about.

The pink girly tote is going to be a hit, its beautiful - great choice on the trimmings.

Linda said...

More great finishes Regina. Sending hugs and happy thoughts your way for a speedy recovery.


Linda said...

I'm sure Piper will love the tote. Hope you feel better soon.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I'm not a fan of pink either, in fact I belong to a FB group called "Pinkstinks"! But there are enough berry colours in the bag to avoid too much Barbieness for me.
The smalls are cute too.

Claire said...

Great finishes.x