Thursday, March 3, 2011


Why does one project capture the imagination to the point that one simply can't put it down and another project doesn't, even though the second project is equally beautiful if not actually more so?

My obssesion with the Ice Dragon continues, with this result. The flosses needed to finish the dragon's body arrived in the mail on Tuesday. But as I get home from work at 9pm on Tuesday, I had to wait till Wednesday to put them to good use. I see a finish in my not-too-distant future!

There has also been some small progress on The Autumn Faerie. When last seen, the faerie looked like this. It is very difficult to find the exact spots on the chart to reference to fill in in the empty spaces in the full wing ... lots of counting and recounting ... and then pouring over the full page of symbols to find the right floss or combination of flosses ... it takes confetti stitching to the nth degree. It is somewhat easier to stitch the other, partially hidden wing. But my goal is to have section I complete by the end of the week, so both wings need to be worked on. Since I stitched the border first, parts of Section II, III and IV are already completed. Section II is not quite as densely charted as Section I ... considerably more white space in the design. And Sections III and IV each cover only a third as much chart as Sections I and II. So once Section I is completely stitched, I'll feel like I'll have gotten over the biggest hurdle for this project. I am hoping that will give me the momentum I need to finish this piece. As long as I seem to be in the one-project-at-a-time zone, I may as well go for another big finish! Here is another photo, with the progress made over the past few days. The casual observer may not discern much progress, but I assure you hours have been spent on this project between the first and second photos. Anyone who has ever stitched a large Teresa Wentzler piece will know exactly what I am talking about!!!

I am hoping to transfer the narrow focus that has characterized my stitching on the Ice Dragon to The Autumn Faerie. The Faerie is a three year WIP and long overdue for a finish. The Ice Dragon, on the other hand, will have been a WIP for just a little over a month before becoming a finish. Go figure!!!


Rachel S said...

2 gorgeous WIPs.

Carol said...

Both are looking wonderful, Riona! I can't imagine the patience (and good eyesight!) that it must take to stitch the TW fairy! Hang in there--she is going to be a beauty :)

Crystal said...

They are both looking fantastic.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Jennifer's designs are such a joy to stitch! I always whip right through them because they are so fun and effective. I can see your progress with your TW, just stick to it and it will get done!