Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekend Progress Report: March 20, 2011

Another crazy weekend. Saturday's schedule: the last Whole Community Catechesis event on Bullying during regularly scheduled class time, another First Confession prep lesson for the one-on-one Special Needs class, another 7th grade weekend seminar session [3 hours] for nine students, and a final consult about weekend use of the auditorium by five different groups involving the logistics of changing all floor plans. Sunday's schedule: 11:30 Mass, a bit of last minute office work preppng for the Confirmation retreats, and the last session of the 7th grade weekend seminars. And finally home to meet the husband and head out to dinner with two of my children who are meeting us at our favorite sushi restaurant, shopping for the Confirmation Retreat and returning to the school building to check up on the set-up at 7:00pm. Monday and Tuesday are each going to be days that start at 7:30am and go non-stop through to 9:00pm. I am seriously considering taking Wednesday off as comp time ... but it all depends on how much office work piles up while I am attending to the Confirmation retreats. The mantra I keep repeating to myself is "Easter break is coming. Easter break is coming." Ten whole days to catch up with my housework, my garden and my home-improvement projects ... and perhaps some stitching.

Crazy January Challenge: Dragon Dreams' The Ice Dragon's Kingdom: I got a bit more of the half-stitching in the background done. Once that is complete, only the corner motifs with beading remain. It was not enough progress to warrant a photo. I'll post a snap once I have a finish and once the weather turns sunny again. I'd like to take this finish photo in natural light in an attempt to do justice to all the subtle variations of color and texture. I hope to be working on my CJC Day 3 project by Wednesday: Homespun Elegance's The Stitcher.

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Rachel S said...

i can't wait to see it finished. I worked on mine this weekend too, but I'm still behind you.