Monday, March 21, 2011

The First Full Day of Spring

... and, of course, it snows. And not the pretty fluffy stuff. Oh, no, it has to be the heavy, bone-chilling, wet, slushy stuff. At least, it had the decency not to stick to the roads for very long ... just an hour or two before melting away.
And the reason for this: I had scheduled my first Confirmation Retreat for today. The presenter has to travel from Queens, into the Bronx and Westchester [via a wee corner of Manhattan], over the TZ Bridge onto the Thruway and then onto the PIP. A trip that normally takes an hour or so took him nearly two hours. This is the way my luck has been running lately ... and now, my ill luck is spilling over onto innocent bystanders, like Tony.

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Vicky said...

Well it is our first day of Autumn and this week the temps are in the 90's LOL