Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekend Progress Report: March 13, 2011

I haven't stitched at all for three days ... most unusual for me ... nor is it likely I shall stitch at all today. Exhaustion kept me abed till 10:45am DST, I need to get to the 11:30 Mass and then I'll be teaching a 7th grade weekend workshop from 1:00-4:00pm, followed by dinner with husband, son and daughter at a local sushi restaurant, followed by total collapse once home. And it all start over again tomorrow: another 6 day work week. I am too old for this!
It's been a very busy week ... lots of special events at work, lots more time in the office and lots less time at home stitching ... so progress has been minimal at best. To further complicate matters, I seem to have found reading more relaxing in what little down time I have had this week. I have been re-reading the Brother Caedfel mysteries ... and am up to #20, Brother Caedfel's Penance, this week. It seems appropriate reading for early Lent [as much as any fictional book can be] since it deals with the issue of living one's vocation in the real world and the many challenges one faces in reconciling conscience and practice as well as resolving the conflicting calls of spirit and natural affection. And, hey, there's even a murder and a civil war and a captive languishing in a dungeon to keep the ghoulish and very secular part of my nature satisfied. Ellis Peters does a good job with the psychology of the crimes and manages to show respect and genuine understanding for the monastic vocation ... something relatively rare in recent times when authors try to outdo one another in their fierce attacks on anything Christian, but particularly on anything Roman Catholic. The novels combine English history, suspense, well wrought characters and an honest understanding of Church in the High Middle Ages ... what could be better? Besides, I can't seem to read the novels without seeing and hearing Derek Jacobi with my mind's eye and ear. My fondness for the actor makes this an added bonus!

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