Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekend Progress Report # 9

Focus Project: TW Autumn Faerie: no work on this currently since I am busy prepping a round robin piece for an April 15th mailing date.

Medium Project: Workbasket's Mermaids Singing: see note above

Small Project: Antique Sampler & Needlework Quarterly, Summer 2009, Scissor Keep: finished one panel and am halfway done with the other. I should finish this by next weekend.

And Another Small Project: Heartstring's Santa Factory, February: I have completed about a third of the stitching on this piece and am hopeful that I will have it finished by next weekend.
Linda's RR: I have completed the border outlines and am proceeding to the lettering and the acorns that will fill each medallion. I stitched a narrower modified version of the medallions to separate the panels for the other stitchers and I will probably stitch some oak leaves in these medallions ... adapted from a Handblessing's autumn bookmark chart that I recently completed. I hope to have the entire border done by the 21st of the month so that I will still have time to stitch my Prairie Schooler harvest scene in the top panel before mailing to the first stitcher in the RR.

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