Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend Progress Report #12

The Interminable Round Robin Piece continues:

Stitching time was scarce this week: I had two daytime Confirmation retreats, two evening Family Catechesis Paschal Candle Craft Nights in addition to the usual classes as well as a trip to the bulk mailing post office clear across the county for a special mailing. I had some routine medical tests planned for Friday as well. Though I usually do start my day off with one hour of stitching and one hour of Tai Chi every morning, this didn't happen more than twice this week. On the retreat days I started my workdays at 7am instead of the usual 9am or 11am respectively. And the remaining days were so full that I made early starts on those as well just to avoid being so far behind in my paperwork that I have to give up some of Easter vacation to clear my desk. By the weekend I was so tired that I hadn't much energy left for any extended stitching time ... just half-hour spurts here and there.

To be specific, on Tuesday morning, I spent another hour and a half on this border. On the one hand, I am beginning to be bored silly with the border motifs ... repetition, repetition, repetition! On the other hand, I am really pleased with the way this round robin piece is shaping up. And then on Thursday, I took a two hour break in the middle of my day [between the Confirmation Retreat and the regular afternoon class schedule] and continued work on the border. The retreats went very well ... in fact, the children exceeded my expectations substantially ... so I was on a kind of emotional/spiritual overload and needed the stitching time to decompress. I am getting too old for twelve hour workdays anyway ... so, taking a two hour break midday brought it down to a manageable ten hour day. And on Friday morning, I managed to stitch for another hour. Over the weekend, I did manage to finish the remaining acorn "nuts" or bottoms and I started on the wagon of harvest produce in the top panel. At that point I just couldn't face any more repetitious stitching, so the back stitching and long stitching were deferred for a while.

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