Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A sunny day at last ...

... and I have to work until 9:00pm today. I am yearning for a mental health day since last Sunday was my first day off in 10 days and I will have to wait till Friday for another day off. Working for the Catholic Church involves crazy hours, to say the least. Most days I consider my work ministry but some days it is just a job that I drag myself off to ... and the first sunny day of Spring is one of those days.
Before heading to work today, I did manage to stitch another 23 acorn "nuts" in my RR border ... yes, I know, I am entirely too obsessed with this piece but as the April 15 mailing deadline approaches ... well, I begin to wonder if I will have my own stitching done on the piece ... I still have another 58 acorn "nuts" to stitch, the backstitching and outlining of 81 acorns to stitch, the five narrow medallions to fill in as well as the panel that goes across the top of the piece for which I will be using Harvest Time from Prairie Schooler. That's a lot of stitching. I will have some time off during the Easter season but I had intended on spending most of that time cleaning and painting the spare room in preparation for turning it into my craft haven ... and there is some gardening and yard work to tackle as well. Not much time for stitching during that vacation.

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Rachel S said...

If it gets too stressful, just leave your stitching til you get it back. I had to do that on one of mine. It turned out OK.