Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sewing Fabric Giveaway

I found these two outfits made for dolls among my mother's fabric stash. The ruler I have included to give you a sense of scale is a 7" ruler. I have no idea what doll's these outfits would fit but perhaps you dollmakers would know. In any case, anyone who thinks they can use the dresses may have them.

I have tried to sort these fabrics by type and colorway. Most pieces are between 1/4 and 1/2 yard. Almost all have been cut into to make doll clothes but there is still more than enough left to be of use to other doll clothes makers or to quilters.

When requesting fabric, please identify it by Photo # and refer to the description of the fabric or fabrics you would like me to send to you. All photos are clickable so that you can see the details, expecially in the eyelet fabrics.

Photo # 1: Grab bag of small cotton scraps suitable for quilting, piecing or ornament backing.

Photo # 2
a variety of white or white on white rayon fabrics

Photo # 3
From Left to right
Black lining satin
Pale blue denim
White on white cotton woven

Photo # 4
Eyelet and Netting
Pale blue fabric with white eyeley embroidery floral border and pale blue netting with diamond embroidery flocking.

Photo # 5
These are pieces of wide eyelet lace, ranging from 3" to 8" in depth and in shades of white and ivory. They are particularly useful for making pinafores, aprons, slips and pettipants for dolls.

Photo # 6
White eyelets
Two different patterns are pictured here.

Photo# 7
White Eyelets

There are two different patterns pictured here.

Photo # 8
The first is embroidered in pink, with a more detailed bottom scallopped border and little pink eyelets throughout the rest of the fabric.

The second is a pastel blue,pink and yellow with embroidered eyelets evenly spaced throughout the whole fabric.
Photo # 9

This photo depicts a white and an ivory chiffon as well as delicate blouse weight striped white on white sheer.

Photo # 10
This is a really bad photo so far as color is concerned ... it must be a result of the way the light from the window reflected off the satin's surface. The actual color is a deep rose pink rather like DMC 223.

Photo # 11
Polished Cottons [or possibly, cotton/poly blends]
a light and a medium rose pink with watermark pattern and a stripe with shades of blue/green/white/rose.

Photo # 12
A selection of Cottons [or possibly cotton/poly blends]

Bottom left: rosebuds on white
Left to right across the top rose pink cotton embossed with floral pattern, rose colored cotton with a watermark pattern, pale pink fabric printed with floral outline in white.

Photo # 13
Cotton Knit, a little over 2 yards.
Grey & white stripe

Photo # 14
Cotton Knits, roughly 1 fat quarter each

Although I took these photos in natural light directly below a window, the colors are not really true. The left piece is a soft yellow gold and the right is a bright white.


Joanie R. said...

Could I have Photo#1, scraps for quilting, or ornament backings.

Thank you, Joan Robertson

The Fam said...

There's so much to make with cotton knit, I could make lots of kids clothes with #13 for boys and girls! There's so much to choose from, you're so generous - FOURTEEN choices!


icitea said...

Ahh... i don't quite understand how this works. But the # 4 would definitely be enough for my Alice doll, and maybe a small purse?

Do you ship to canada?

le.paradis.found at gmail dot com