Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Some stash purchases

I just placed an order with 123stitch using two of the gift certificates received as payment for the postage on my Mom's Stash Giveaway. It is odd but I sent out ten boxes of stash and only four of the recipients have bothered to reimburse me for postage as was agreed. A fifth was not asked to pay me since she is a friend. I rather expected one or two to default but not half the group. I guess I have too optimistic a view of human nature. I still don't regret having sent out the stash, but I am a wee bit disappointed in some of the folks who participated.
But thanks to two of the participants who chose GCs as their form of reimbursement: I ordered some Glasgow Linen in a shade called raw linen for my Bride's Tree SAL, Blackbird Designs Bird in Hand chart and a skein each of WDW Charcoal and GAST Gingersnap which I need for my Round Robin piece. I have promised to limit myself to the purchase of only 5 new charts this year since I have such a wealth of charts already in my possession ... and Bird in Hand is the first of that five. I hope to limit the bulk of my purchases this year to fabric and fiber needed to stitch the charts I already own. I shall now wait with bated breath at my mailbox ... not really, I do have a life beyond stitching ... but any stitcher can empathize with the sense of anticipation I shall be feeling.


kimstitch3 said...

well hopefully those people will send you some cash for payment just when you need it most. I'm sorry this happened to you. I too , do things like this and then get disappointed, so I know how you feel. I couldnt do that to another person myself.Take care,Kimberly
I'm glad you got to atleast order something for your trouble of mailing that many packages

Elaine said...

These people should be ashamed for not keeping up their end of the bargain. I;m sorry this has happened to you.
Hope your new stash arrives soon.

Rachel S said...

I am sorry those people are doing that. Booger people.

Enjoy the stash!

Nic said...

It's a shame people haven't reimbursed you yet. I've been a little disappointed myself in the lack of donations for the MS Trust in response for the charts I offer on my blog. A few people have been very generous, and I'm very grateful, but I had hoped that I would get a large number of people making small donations (less than a dollar, even) rather than a few people making larger ones.

Oh well, you can't force people into doing things, and what goes around comes around. Enjoy your stash!

Vicky said...

Just remember what goes around comes around, you were the better person in sending out their packages.

Carol said...

I'm sorry to hear that you have dealt with some dishonest people, Riona--I just don't understand how someone could do something like that! Please post a photo of your stash when it arrives :)

Anonymous said...
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mbroider said...

that is sad that not many have reimbursed... I had requested in one of your posts for the ric-rac u had posted about. If they are still available, I would do the payment over paypal or 123 gc. I typically buy from ebay US / 123 mb and have always been prompt in my payments, LOL.

123 Mb is how i found your mom stash related posts

Take care