Thursday, March 4, 2010

March Giveaway

I thought this time around I'd give away some charts that speak of Spring and the far-off hope of Summer ... while I continue to deal with snow flurries, predicted storms that may or may not cause cancellations depending on how far east [or north or south or west] the leading front happens to be. Every one of these charts is in pristine condition, never used, complete with any embellishments as per designer.
Starting at the upper left, the charts are:
Nordic Needle's Rosebud Design: a pretty piece with some hardangar elements, but not quite my style ... it was part of a goodie bag at a stitching retreat
Calico Crossroads Think Spring: another goodie bag chart. I think it's quite pretty and would admire it if someone else stitched it ... but my style is definitely not pastel pink and girly and sweet.
Hinzeit's Charmed Shoreline [with charms]: I purchased this years ago as a souvenir of one of our Maine vacations. I like it but it is very low on my priority list of things I just must stitch. So, I thought that, rather than let it languish at the bottom of my charts to be stitched drawer for another four or five years, I would pass it on to someone who might enjoy it now.

If you wish to enter your name for this charts giveaway, the usual conditions will apply:
-- open to all stitchers
-- leave a comment below as to why you are interested in the giveaway
-- include an e-mail address in your post if clicking on your name will not lead me to an e-mail link
-- a winner will be selected on the 10th of the month and informed by e-mail
-- winners are asked to commit to PIF charts to other stitchers through message boards, guilds or stitching groups or to donate the charts to a women's shelter or prison, a nursing home or some other venue where a stitcher would enjoy them

Thanks for visiting my blog and good luck to all who choose to enter.


kimstitch3 said...

I would first like to thank you for having this contest. I would like to enter because, we too have snowy and cold icky weather here in TN and I'm transplanted here from sunny Florida and I miss my spring/summer weather.

Blu said...

That hardanger chart looks awesome~
Please add me to the pot.

Kat said...

What a fantastic giveaway! I am entering because of the "Think Spring" chart. That would be a perfect thing to stitch for my mom, because she lives in Maine and always has a hard time waiting for spring to finally come! I would of course pass the charts along when finished, along with a few others I know I will never have time to stitch! Thanks for the chance!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your contest I am entering because all this snow makes me sad and I need a glimmer that spring and summer are on there way. I would love to pif the charts plus some of mine so enter me for Hinzeit's Charmed Shoreline
thanks Donna

Parsley said...

Oh how wonderful! Please enter me!

MaryJo said...

Thanks for a chance to win I'd LOVE to enter because I'm soooooo sick of winter ( Live in utah) and its going to rain/snow again today!

I'm soooo ready for spring and crop pants and sandals and some "spring" stitching.

Thanks, MaryJo

dianecally said...

It is so nice of you to offer such a generous contest.


Paula C. said...

This is a very nice give-away and I like the conditions you set for it. I love pink and would really love to stitch the Think Spring chart for myself. The Shoreline design would be perfect to stitch as a gift for my MIL. She is doing their bathroom in an ocean theme and I have lots of hardanger supplies from when we were stationed in Germany that I could use to stitch that lovely design. I also have lots that I can give away as per your rules =) Please enter my name in your giveaway. I think you have my address but if not, then my email is in my profile. Thank you =)

Genie said...

Thank you for this giveaway chance! I saw HinZeit Shoreline and want to stitch that for my Mom (78 years young). She lives in NY and suffers through the winters. I take her to the Beach someplace warm twice a year where she sits and watches the birds and the waves, just soaking up the sun. She especially loves the little birds that run in the sand. This would totally thrill her and make her think of her time on the warm beach everytime she looked at it. I would definitely pass the chart along and would have my own PIF in your honor.


AnnMcD said...

Nice idea to have a giveaway. I have just been to the Nashville market and have bought more charts than I can probably even sell in the shop so don't enter me in the draw. I just wanted to tell you it is a lovely thing to do!
We are in Florida at the moment looking for warmth and sunshine to replace the snow and cold in Ontario..alas Florida is not exactly a hot spot this year!

Myra said...

Since I won your last one I am sitting this one out but those are all nice charts. Thank you for offering such lovely giveaways.

Mary said...

Lovely giveaway - we here in Minnesota are looking forward to Spring so much that we thought it was here today because it was 40 degrees outside!

Thank you for your generosity.

stardancer said...
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stardancer said...

What a generous giveaway and such beautiful patterns.

I run 2 Round Robin craft groups with about 40 members between them (and constantly growing). We are always looking for donated charts / kits to stitch for charity. These would make lovely gifts when stitched to retirement homes or hospices.

In this day and age it is hard to get even the large stitching companies to contribute to charitable causes.

Terri said...

What a great giveaway :) I'd love to enter