Friday, August 10, 2012

Winner of the 2012 Halloween JCS issue

There were quite a few entries for this giveaway so I have to conclude that my negative review of this particular issue is definitely a minority opinion.  But my opinion, for what it is worth, remains that previous issues were much better, e.g.: the 2010 issue had splendid designs like Ink Circles' Full Moon and Plum Street Sampler's Halloween Greetings, among others.  If one can apply the word elegant to Halloween ornaments, those earlier designs deserve the adjective.  And previous issues had lovely designs from The Sweetheart Tree and Prairie Schooler and cleverly whimsical designs from La-D-Da and Monsterbubbles.  The new stuff just doesn't seem to compare favorably with the old.  I do believe I am becoming one of those old cranks that begins every other sentence with phrases like "In the good old days..." or, worse yet, "In my day ...".

I suppose the ornaments in the current issue are more kid-friendly [indeed, the inspiration for many of them seems to have been derived from the costume section of your local Toys'R'Us] and I expect they will stitch up rather quickly, but I still haven't the slightest desire to stitch a single one ... but then my distaste is someone else's good fortune: the winner of this issue is Monica.  I used the on line Randomizer  and her number came up.  I will be e-mailing her later today.  Thanks to everyone who entered, I enjoyed reading your comments.

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