Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday, Monday

And here is the post I had intended for today.

Satin stitching is best done in small doses.  I have discovered I do not like doing it for hours on end however lovely it might look.  It is tedious, dull, boring; it fails to stimulate mind or eye; it begets monotony; it fails to please ... I could go on but I'd rather not sound like a thesaurus.  Here is a photo of progress made since yesterday's weekend progress report. I finished several colors [DMC 353, 799, 3753, 3770, and 3822] and started on another [DMC 352 ] today.  All I need to complete is the satin stitching in the carnations.  With any luck at all, all the satin stitching will be done by Tuesday evening.  

And some stash enhancement has been going on as well.  I placed an order with Needle In A Haystack on Saturday morning for a number of GAST and WDW cotton overdyes I need for the next two Town Square SAL ornaments coming up soon in my rotation [The Primitives Shop and The Antique Store] as well as for some additional DMC I'll need to continue the work on The English Band Sampler and TW's Woodland Angel Christmas Stocking.  

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