Sunday, August 19, 2012

Weekend Progress Report August 19, 2012

This has been a good week for staying on goal even if I am not stitching quite as much as I might wish.

Part II of The English Band Sampler was my primary focus during the later half of the week. Since I really want to get Part II of the English Band Sampler done this month, I devoted my hermiting weekend to it.  And in spite of having to frog one entire blue carnation motif because I started it one thread too far to the left, I finally managed to get all the cross-stitched outlining done.   It took me half an hour to frog the darn thing and another hour and a quarter to restitch it, leaving me nearly two hours behind where I might have been.  Darn  these aging eyes!  But I did get a fair start on the satin stitching and, one hopes, will be able to finish it by Tuesday.    It is hard to see all the satin stitching  because I have been using DMC 3770 thus far and it doesn't show up well in the narrower bands between the square tiles and in the dividing bands.  I've never had to do so much satin stitching in one project so I have no way to estimate how long this will take.    With luck, I can begin work on the second band in this section by Thursday or Friday.  The second band is even more complex than the first in terms of fussy motifs.  However, minus Wentzler Wednesdays, there are still ten days left in this month.  I just might finish Part II this month.  Who am I kidding?  But I might come close.  Hope springs eternal!

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Vickie said...

It's looking great Riona. :)