Friday, August 3, 2012

Another June Task Finally Attended To

For the past several years, I have reviewed my progress toward my annual goals at mid-year.  Somehow, this year I just couldn't seem to get my act together so far as blogging was concerned.  Oubliette went dormant from mid-May to mid-June, as did most of my stitching energy.  But I am finally back to normal and thought I'd catch up on a few of my own blogging traditions.  I did an accounting of stash enhancement yesterday and now I'll tackle the goals assessment.
  • 01. My Own Crazy Challenge: work on unfinished class pieces from 2005-date.  I have finished stitching three projects from two classes:  The Sweetheart Tree's Holly and Hearts Sampler and companion Christmas ornament as well as the Phyllis Mauer Japanese Kogin Tea Cozy.  This month I have resumed work on the pieces from Thea Dueck's Mystic 2007 Stitcher's Hideaway: a stitcher's purse and some accessories.
  • 02. Complete three BAPs: TW's Tracery Dragons, TW's Woodland Angel Stocking for Liam and The Woodland Maiden Stocking for Piper.  Teresa Wentzler's Tracery Dragons is stitched and ready for the framer and her Woodland Angel Christmas Stocking has been started.  I suspect that even with the best of will, I will be unable to get to the Woodland Maiden stocking for Piper.
  • 03. Limit new starts to one for every two UFO/WIPs completed.  I have had ten finishes from the Class Projects and 2010-11 WIPs list which entitled me to five new starts.  I have actually started five new projects: SANQ's The English Band Sampler, The Primitive Needle's Thy Needle, TW's Woodland Angel Christmas Stocking, one ornament for an HOE exchange and the set of Sue Donnelly's Merry Mystic ornaments.  By that reckoning, I have used up my starts for now.  But I hope to earn another this month.  And it will probably be used to start one of the Town Square SAL Christmas ornaments that I have kitted up, either the Book Shop or the Antiques Store.
  • 04. Stitch a few more Heart ornaments for the Anniversary-Valentine's Day tree.  I never did get around to this in time for Valentine's Day 2012.  But perhaps I'll manage a few by year's end to hang on my 2013 Valentine's Day display.  I don't count the Holly & Hearts of the 2012 Aury Quaker Heart ornaments towards this goal since they will be displayed for Christmas and patriotic holidays, respectively.
  • 05. Stitch one ornament a month from the 2006 Indy Town Square SAL.  None so far but I have kitted up two of them for stitching in August and in September.  Again, I doubt I'll manage the goal of 12, but I expect to get some done.
  • 06. Limit stash purchases to fabric, fiber and tools needed to complete charts on hand.  So far so good with the exception of one Cedar Hill chart purchase that I couldn't resist.  And it shows in my pocket book: roughly $65 has been spent so far this year on fabric, fiber, tools and that one chart.  A relatively modest sum for me. 
  • 07. Continue to blog regularly, aiming for every other day.  I did mention the lapse in May/June but I am back on track again.
  • 08. Make an effort to catch up on sewing and framing finishes.  Yes, recently, I have made some nice progress in this area with 8 sewing finishes to my credit.
  • 09. Inventory and declutter existing stash.  Not yet, this just feels like a wintry sort of task.
  • 10. Attend an EGA chapter meeting as a member-at-large or take an on-line course.  Not yet.
So it seems as if I can claim success when it comes to five of my goals so far and there is still time to manage the rest in the remaining five months of 2012.

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Shebafudge said...

Well it sounds like the first half of the year has been pretty successful and there are plenty of challenges left for the rest of the year. Well done!!