Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Giveaway: JCS Halloween 2012 issue

I purchased the JCS Halloween 2012 issue and found it to be a terrible disappointment.  So far as I am concerned, most of the ornament designs were just plain silly and childish and I didn't care for the larger charts either.  Now, I have to assume, based on what I have read on boards and blogs, that my tastes are at odds with the general stitching population.  There seems to be a lot of enthusiasm for this issue.  So if any of you are interested, please leave a comment explaining why you'd like to have the magazine.  If clicking on your user name will not bring me automatically to a profile that includes your e-mail address, please include an e-mail address at which I can reach you if your name is drawn.  I'll pick a winner on August 10th and mail it out in plenty of time to stitch an item or two before Halloween.  This drawing is open to stitchers anywhere though I realize Halloween is more of a big deal in the US than elsewhere.


Anonymous said...

I would love to win this. I am an autumn person and love the Halloween season.

Shellie in Nebraska

Beauty Bonnet said...

hello! i follow your blog and marvel at your finishes. i'm not US-based but i would like this issue because my nephew and niece do the Halloween thing, and would get a kick out of the ornaments, i think.
thank you for the opportunity to try for this!

msminister atgmail dotcom

Hillery said...

Not sure if you got my first comment. This moderation thing is weird. I would love to have this magazine, to see if you and I have the same taste.
Thanks, Riona.

Bonnie said...

Please enter me in your drawing for the JCS halloween issue. Just joined your blog checked the Halloween section and seen Shepherd's Bush Be Witched that is so cute. LOVE also the part where you tell what you spend on Cross stitch great budget.

Dawn said...

I like to be entered! I like the bigger cross stitches in the magazine. The witches hat is really cool! :)
--my email is in my profile

Shebafudge said...

I would love to win your drawing. I would like the Halloween issue as I like cute halloween designs and haven't been able to get a copy of the mag yet being in the UK (if I win I will happily pay the postage as I know it's a bit expensive).

Anonymous said...

i would love to have a chance of having this issue, it's not over here yet in the UK


tricia.walker4 @

Mocha said...

Hello from Iowa!! I would really love to win this issue! LOVE your blog and your projects!


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I would love to win this magazine as like several others I'm in the UK and we just can't get it here.
I love the designs I've seen from previous years and the designers too. Compared to the UK mags they are far superior.
In the UK a complex design is one which features large blocks of colour (yawn!). The only exception is Cross Stitch Collection which has Joan Elliott!

Monica said...

I would love to have the JCS Halloween 2012 issue! I absolutely love Halloween and making these ornaments for my exchanges!

By the way, I love the color you chose in 28ct cashel linen. Beautiful!


Rain said...

I love Halloween. There are some cute items in this issue. Thanks for the chance.


Kay said...

I have been avoiding going to my LNS to buy this, because I KNOW I would end up with lots more stuff than just the magazine. I am trying to just stitch from stash this year, and have been pretty successful so far. So, to sum up, my husband would be extremely happy for me to win your drawing, and therefore save him some money, lol!

Bonnie said...

I posted earlier that I would love to win this magazine did not tell you WHY I just adore Halloween projects and want to do the Halloween Town in that issue. Enjoy reading your blog I alsdo do not have a LNS near me everything must be ordered. And not very many cross stitchers in this area.

Melody said...

I would like to be entered in your drawing. I've seen some of the designs and like them.


KarenPB said...

I would love to win this magazine. I have looked for it in town but couldn't find it. I would love to stitch some of the designs in it.