Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weekend Progress Report: March 4, 2012

The unseasonably warm weather has been wreaking havoc with plant life in the area with the result that my Spring allergies have become a problem much earlier. Usually I get a bit of a respite between hay fever season and the spring mold and pollen season. But not so this year: I have had continuous sinus congestion and headaches since September. One season just morphed into another without that blessed period of cold, allergen killing weather in between. During the past few days, the headaches have been outrageous, killing any impulse I might have had to stitch. It's a wee bit tough to read a chart and count threads when you can't get your eyes uncrossed!

And to top it all off, what little stitching I did was off-goal for the month! I couldn't help myself. I'll just have to admit that a rotation of two or three projects just doesn't suit my undisciplined and manic inner stitcher. I picked up another project from the WIP list: Papillion Creations Peacock which I will be stitching as a biscornu. I am using some hand-dyed Laguna in ivory to violet and am using a combination of Polstitch and Ozark Sampler overdyed cottons in shades of blue, aqua and violet. I have some aqua Laguna on which to stitch the opposite side. When I picked this up this morning all that had been stitched was the outer scallopped border. I am totally unrepentant about choosing another project from the WIP list ... I needed a bit of a change. If you must know, I am actually feeling quite virtuous about this project because I am using up odds and ends of stash that might otherwise never be used! As I proof read this post, I noted four exclamation points. I must be in an unusually emphatic mood. How very unlike me. [Note to husband and daughter: there is no need to comment on that last statement, derisively or otherwise.]

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Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Gorgeous colours in your stitching.
I go through my posts and comments and remove the extra !!! I use far to many of them! It's either that or put LOL to show I'm joking.
I made an outrageous comment on a parenting forum once and really upset someone who didn't realise I was being hyper-sarcastic, she seriously thought I meant what I'd typed. I wish there was a sarcastic icon! or an irony icon.