Friday, March 9, 2012

A Day Off, at Last

This week has seemed even more harried than usual since I ran three Family Catechesis events for first through sixth graders and their parents: two with over 65 families and the third with about 45 families.  And, naturally, the adolescent catechesis program ran as well.  In fact, my 8th graders stunned me by participating in The Stations of the Cross with great reverence and dignity.  As anyone who works with adolescents knows, they are very unpredictable folk, swinging from one end of the behavioral spectrum to the other with nary a moment at the center.  This is what keeps them interesting.  At least, we didn't have any boy leap to stand on the pew and do an air guitar riff to a lively Spanish hymn playing in the background as happened during the Advent confessions.  Anyway, at the end of this week, I feel wiped out but satisfied.  The topic  for the Grade 1-6 events was "Strengthening the Domestic Church" and it seemed to be well-received. Note: "domestic church" is Catholic-speak for "nuclear family: parent[s] and child[ren]".  But, of course, now on my day off, I'll have to run in to the office and make a few important phone calls that I forgot in all the madness and mail off a finished report that got buried at the bottom of the inbox.  At least, I shouldn't have to put in more than an hour or two ... I'll just have to make sure I don't let myself get ambushed by any other tasks on the to-do list.  Monday is soon enough for all the rest.

Other than that, all that is on my agenda for the day: a haircut, grocery shopping and a trip to County Household Hazardous Waste to dispose of some electronics and medications I no longer use.  Oh, and the never-ending laundry ... how do just two people generate so much?  The rest of the day will be devoted to stitching and DVD viewing.  I figure a day off ought to include at least some leisure time.  The weekend agenda will includea start on indoor spring cleaning,  clearing the back yard of all the fall and winter detritus of fallen leaves, broken branches, etc.; a visit to the garden center to buy some large square planter boxes for vegetable gardening in the old square foot method and a visit to the mall to buy a new sewing machine.

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Vickie said...

You know what really got my attention? The new sewing machine. Can't wait to see what you get. :)