Thursday, March 8, 2012

Serendipitous Peacock Colors

I am still enjoying my Papillion Creations Peacock and the colors I have substituted for those charted.  This photo was taken in natural light and gives a better impression of the colors in the fabric and floss than the previous photos which were taken under my Ott lite.  The aquas and lavenders and blues are so delicate and springlike, reminiscent of croci and hyacinths and pale blue-white snow drops and snow stars.  I am loving these flosses and continute to be amazed at how fibers from three different and totally unrelated hand-dying vendors and hand-dyed fabric from yet another come together so well in one project.  I'll probably finish this as an etui rather than as a biscornu as was my original intention.  I'll use the Just Nan peacock bead I bought for the center of the biscornu as part of a bead and loop clasp to close the etui.  I'll fill it with some pretty tools, add a "page" of wool felt for needles and have a wonderful little accessory to take to my next stitcher's retreat.

It makes me feel ever so virtuous to use odds and ends from my stash.  It's all part of my aging hippie campaign to simplify my life, to reduce & reuse & recycle, to use it up, wear it out or do without.  A small step, to be sure, but  still a step in the right direction.  Having lived six decades, three of them in one place, I have accumulated so much stuff that I feel a real need to shed some of the detritus of my life.  Spring cleaning will be a lot of fun this year: an orgy of elimination that will benefit the Salvation Army and various white elephant sales for charity as well as adding to the work load of the local sanitation workers.  I know I won't be able to convince my pack rat of a husband to join in the fun but I will do my level best to confine his stuff to his space: his two walk-in closets and his home office.


Rachel S-H said...

Very pretty so far, and it does feel so good to use things from stash!

Vickie said...

HA! I have a pack rat husband who has finally, barely got the spring cleaning bug. He has made the tiniest dent in his "stuff" but it is something. Have a great day Riona.

Anonymous said...


Just became a follower of your lovely blog.

Your WIP is beautiful so far, pretty colours.

Good luck with your de-cluttering.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I love the colours you've chosen for this piece.

If you're spring cleaning your stash there are lots of good homes waiting out here in blogland!