Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Few Progress Photos

I have done a little bit of stitching on each of two different projects over the past several days so, while there are a few photos, neither shows dramatic progress.

In my last post about Papillion Creation's Peacock, I forgot to mention the flosses I am using: a Carrie's Creation overdyed cotton that is simply labelled Jayne's Attic Exclusive and is a medium to medium dark aqua, a Polstitches' Dragon Floss overdyed cotton in a pale lavender, lavender blue, pale blue colorway and, finally, an Ozark Sampler overdyed cotton called Sea Queen. I am always amazed at how closely the shades and tints from different vendors end up working together. When you consider all the variables, what are the odds that the sundry bits and pieces in my stash will end up working together so well? Granted I do tend to gravitate toward certain colorways but two of the threads mentioned here were given to me in floss exchanges and so were totally random additions to my cache of overdyed cotton.

Workbaskets' Quaker Acorn: there'll have to be some frogging done on this one, durn it. Can you see my error? I haven't quite figured out exactly where I went wrong yet though I can see where things get funky. The motifs below the acorn cap line up with the bottom line of the cap and with the negative space within the cap but the lower section of the left leaf isn't right and that throws off everything above and to the left. I'm going to have to re-count all the lines up from the very beginning of the cap. I hope the frogging is minimal because I have just enough of the Catherine Jordan overdyed floss for this project. If I destroy too much of it with frogging [a real possibility with over one frogging], I'll have to just toss this and start all over again with new fabric and floss.


Vickie said...

Love the quaker acorn. I forgot I printed that off and have it. :) Sure hope the frogging is minimal.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Those certainly are pretty colours from your stash!

That acorn is looking cute!