Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday's Here, Thank the Lord!

Thursday is the end of my work week: normally I put in two 12 hour days [Mon. & Tues.] and two 8 hour days [Wed. & Thurs.].  But this week has been a bit different since I had a catechist meeting to run on Wednesday night and a catechist formation class on Lesson Planning to teach on Thursday night, turning my two 8 hour days into 10 or 11 hour days.  Happily, there are no additional duties this weekend adding to the tally.  So, three glorious days all to myself.  Maybe I'll get that sewing machine, finally.  I'll try to squeeze in a visit to my mother, some gardening, loads of laundry and some cursory house-keeping.  And on the stitching front,  I did finish my third block on the afghan.  I am going to wait to photograph it again till I can get my husband to stand holding it up.  That way I'll be able to show the whole afghan rather than a block at a time.  I also got a bit more done on my gift stitch this morning.  So, of course, there'll be no photo of that till it is finished, sent and received.  As for my three days off, I'll try to finish up my gift stitch and another block on the afghan.  March seems to be slipping away just as quickly as February did and I am not at all certain I shall be able to meet all my goals this month.  But I will give it my best shot.


Vickie said...

Riona hang in there! Tell hubby to hurry up and help. :) Would like to see afghan. :)

Stitchinowl said...

March does seem to be flying by. We all could use a few extra hours in each day! Looking forward to seeing photos of the afghan.