Monday, March 5, 2012

Stitching Question of the Week: March 5

"The needlework show in Nashville has just concluded, are there any new designs that are on your wish list or that you've already purchased?"

I have to admit that I haven't really looked at the new offerrings too extensively because I have no intention whatsoever of adding to my chart stash. I have reached the point where I have charts enough to keep myself busy for at least five or six years ... and that is not counting the charts in the magazines that I receive: SANQ and The Needlearts [the EGA house magazine]. My stash budget, for the time being at least, will be devoted to framing finished projects and purchasing needles, fabric and fiber needed to stitch charts already in my possession and the occasional indulgence in neat or unusual tools like collectible scissors, pretty laying tools and such. Unlike many stitchers, I don't "collect" charts. I buy only those I genuinely wish to stitch. My tastes have been fairly consistent over time. It is rare that, in reviewing my stash, that I come across something I know I will never stitch. The only time I can recall that happening was rather recently, as a matter of fact, with a Just Nan reissue of her Noah sampler. And rather than let that chart languish unloved, I sold it when the opportunity arose. Before buying anymore charts, I am just going to have to catch up to my stitching self. I am way too close to retirement age to be spending my money foolishly.


Vickie said...

Riona, I agree with you wholeheartedly. I have soooo many charts. Actually the majority of my charts are freebies from over the years. I just don't have the money like many to spend freely on charts. So, like you I spend on needles, floss and linen.

santadeb said...

OH how I wish I had your discipline and had charts only for next 5 or 6 years, it would be 50 or 60 for me I think! I help keep the designers in business I guess.

blueladie said...

I am wishing for Little House Needleworks Four Corners. Will be released in 3 (?) parts, I think? This looks to be another successful design by Diane. :) Cathryn

Rachel S-H said...

I broke down and bought a couple of patterns with bunnies on them. I have been in a bunny mood lately, and they just spoke to me. But that is the last of the shopping for a while.

Erica said...

I agree with you on collecting charts. I have sooo many in my stash, I really have no business even looking at any new ones ( Ha! Yeah that works)!
There have been a couplle of charts that I looked for recently on ebay, only to find them selling for over $100! Really! Who are these people who can afford to pay that!
Like you, I am too close to retirement to spend $$ on stuff like that. Lately seems like all of the money just goes toward food and gas!