Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008 begins

The new year begins with a SAL. I have put in a couple of hours on the Crabby All Year SAL for the 123stitch board. I have nearly completed the top band, having stitched the snowflake, the spring leaf, the words Crabby and All. I hope to finish the remainder of the band this evening since all that is left is the word Year, a flower and a jack-o-lantern. That may be a bit ambitious but we shall see. And I have chosen the fabric for my first Sue Hillis Santa [the one with the Gingerbread Men]... I'll stitch it up in the waterlily linen since that very soft sage-y green will set off the Christmas palette nicely and since I have enough of the fabric to complete all four Santa charts in my stash. The Miribilia Halloween Faerie is all kitted up for the other SAL I'll be participating in with the 123stitch board. I have also signed up for a Secret Sister exchange through the 123stitch board. It is my hope to make a few more contacts with other stitchers. Maybe later in the year, I will join an exchange.
My New Year's Stitching Resolutions
1. Set more reasonable monthly goals
2. Blog at least every other day
3. Start putting photos on the blog
4. Limit purchases of new charts in 2008 to a modest 10 ... with 70+ charts in stash, this seems an imperative.
5. Keep up with the sewing finishes.
6. Stitch a bit more for myself.

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