Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I feel a finish coming on

There is always a new level of excitement as one nears the finish of a piece ... and that is precisely what I am enjoying as I come within a day's stitching of finishing the Cross-Eyed Kat's Snowball Fight Red Dragon. I had set this aside for nearly a month because I really didn't like the graphics of the chart: backstitching lines that obscured the stitch symbols beneath and beside them, a great many 1/4 and 3/4 stitches and some odd blank spaces. But once I settled in to finishing the piece it really came together and created a whimsical image just chock full of personality ... making all the confusion worthwhile. Even the empty spaces, when combined with the rather idiosyncratic and irregular back-stitching, created sharp details and clean edges. I am loving the piece. I have only half of the last leg of the border to stitch and then the backstitching of the border ... I may even be able to finish it during the lunch hour. Now that I have a handle on the designer's logic and style, I do want to pick up a few more of the dragons in this series. I think it would be fun to have four or five of these in a small grouping, though I can't quite tell whether I'd prefer them as framed pieces, pillows or stand-ups. I'll have to give that some more thought.
I believe I'll replace the dragon in the PLAN with Marsha's baby bib as the Wednesday project. I didn't get around to stitching on either of my SALs yesterday evening. Toward the end of the workday I started feeling really funky ... I think the added Glumetza and my new discipline in taking all my medication on time and as often during the day as prescribed is causing some changes in my equilibrium as my body struggles to find its therapeutic levels for all the meds. So, I figured trying to stitch under those circumstances was just an open invitation to the frog. I read a few chapters in Sue Grafton's R is for Richochet instead.

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