Sunday, December 30, 2007


I have thoroughly enjoyed my Christmas holidays thus far ... met my very first grandchild, a four month old hunk named Liam Noah and the son of my oldest son ... enjoyed the company of family and friends ... did a serious amount of cooking [which I enjoy but am mostly too busy and too tired to do properly] and woke without an alarm clock for over a week. Since I won't go back till Jan. 5, I'll have another week without the tyranny of an alarm clock. On the stitching front, I have continued working on Christina's towel even though my daughter-in-law [and my son and my grandson] returned to Bainbridge Island, Wa some three days ago. I'll give it to her next year. Later on today, I will lay out my plan for the Crabby All Year Round SAL and make up a list of supplies I will need ... to be ordered at Silver Needle's New Year's Eve Sale.

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