Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Progress Report

Put in an hour or so stitching on the Crabby All Year SAL and finished the top band ... now onto the January motif "Snow & Cold" which is particularly appropriate as today the temps are in single digits with a wind chill below O and we are expecting flurries. I'll be taking this SAL with me to the doctor's office since I invariably seem to end up waiting an hour there each time I go. I'll also be picking up the remaining three DMC colors needed for the Jan-Feb-Mar chart since I will be near A. C. Moore.
Other than that, I have the projects for my monthly goals to organize: Sean's Name Tree, The Mystic Pocket, the Red Dragon, the #1 SH Santa, and the assembly of the Halloween Cat biscornu, along with other sewing finishes. I think I will assign a day of the week to each goal, as follows:
Everyday: work for at least a half an hour on one of the SALs
Monday: Mystic Pocket
Tuesday: Sean's Name Tree
Wednesday: Cross-Eyed Kat Red Dragon
Thursday: Sewing finishes
Friday: Sue Hillis Santa #1
Saturday & Sunday: whatever strikes my fancy

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