Monday, January 7, 2008

Keeping with the plan

The past few days have been hectic but I have managed to get in some stitching and some organizing. On the Crabby All Year SAL: have nearly completed the January block - just another row of snow on the car roof and the "confetti" snow storm. On the Cross-Eyed Kat Dragon: have completed the left wing and most of the snow - just the left arm, filling in some snow, the border and the backstitching left to do. As to organizing: have reorganized my DMC from 2 cases into 3 and have been filling in the gaps in the collection and I have put together a selection of bibs to show Marsha. Also have joined a secret sister exchange through the 123stitch board. Today, according to THE PLAN, I should be working on the Mystic pocket and will do so this evening after work. But I am bringing Sean's Name tree ornament into work for lunch & dinner break stitching since it is more portable. This morning's SAL stitching was on Crabby All Year ... I will probably start my Halloween SAL stitching tomorrow with the Miribilia Halloween Faerie.

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