Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Assessing September Goals, Setting October Goals

The school year began with a bang [more like an explosion], miscommunication and misdirection on the part of the archdiocese creating all sorts of problems for my program.  It's been a tense month, one in which the soothing qualities of stitching have been needed very badly indeed.  Alas, there simply wasn't enough time.  I never get as much stitching done as I hope but this month was a little more than usually disappointing.  To complicate matters, half of what I did stitch had to be frogged.  It just wasn't a good month for stitching.

Christmas Gifts: Stitch another pair of tea towels, using the charts for Mint and Sage.  No
Current BAP:  Work on Piper's stocking. No
UFO/Class Project:  Finish work on The English Band Sampler. No, not even close.  See photo below.
Town Square SAL:  Stitch The Sweet Shop No and The Quilt Shop. Yes
New Start:   Finish Hazel's bib.  Finished 9/3/14.  Start work on The Dragon of the Summer Sky.  No.
Sewing Finishes: Try to get another three or four projects completed. No.
Off-goal project: one crocheted crib blanket.

Here's hoping that October will be a much better month.  Most of my goals will be repeats of last month's goals.  Though if time permits, I'd like to pick up a Halloween or Thanksgiving piece

Christmas Gifts: Stitch a pair of tea towels, using the charts for Mint and Sage.
Current BAP:  Work on Piper's stocking.
UFO/Class Project:  Finish The English Band Sampler and pick up work on The Mystic Smalls projects. 
Town Square SAL:  Stitch The Sweet Shop.
New Start:  Start work on The Dragon of the Summer Sky.   This will be my last Dragon Dreams chart from stash, making the 6th chart of Jennifer's [not counting freebies] that I have stitched.  The next series that I will work on will be Workbasket's Quaker Animals.  I have quite a few of those in stash.
Sewing Finishes: Try to get another three or four projects completed.

There has been some progress on The English Band Sampler but not nearly as much as I had hoped.  I still need to do some Rhodes Squares and some back stitched curlicues on the left and a whole lot of stitching on the right.  And I still have to frog out the side spiral border as well as a piece of the bottom dark blue border.  I managed to get a few long slip knots formed on the underside which will probably show through the linen when the piece is framed.  I need to frog about two inches of the bottom border and restitch it so that everything is tucked in nicely.  Therefore, I am not sure the sampler will be finished in October even if I stitch on it exclusively.  This piece is deceptively complex.  Individual motifs can take as much as 6-8 hours each.  I usually can manage one hour of stitching a day, sometimes two.  And I do have a few other projects I would like to be getting on with as well.  It's not looking good for an October finish, but I am reasonably certain I can finish it in 2014.  I hope to cross it off my WIPs list in the sidebar.  It would be so nice to start 2015 with at least one less BAP on my list.

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Dani - tkdchick said...

Your sampler is not making life easy for you!