Friday, October 17, 2014

More Assembly Line Finishing

Here are a few more ornaments that are done except for the trimming with hand made cording..  First are five more Town Square ornament finishes.

And then, this little pillow ornament finish with a beaded hanger.

It's been really satisfying to focus on finishing these past few days.  I still have the totes to work on: three for Halloween, two for Easter and one for all-occasion gifting.    And then there are the Tansy, Yarrow and Rue pin pillows [one for each herb] and the larger sampler that I need to turn into a wall hanging or throw pillow.  And the Dragon Dreams' Compass Rose Dragon, probably to be finished as another throw pillow.  I'll work on the Halloween totes first since I want to send them to my grandchildren on the West coast to use as Trick or Treat bags.  I will, of course, fill them with a few treats first: some spooky-funny books and a few novelty Halloween toys or T-shirts.  This will go a little more than a third of the way towards catching up with the sewing and assembly finishing.  If possible, I'd like to be caught up by year's end with all finishing but the "to be framed" projects and the Quaker animal pieces I intend to assemble into a quilt once I have enough of them.

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Linda said...

More great finishes Regina. Are you sure your don't want to finish a few of mine? lol