Monday, October 20, 2014

Not Quite the Weekend I Had Hoped

I never get as much done over the weekend as I hope to do.  I had expected to finish assembling and trimming all my accumulated ornaments and make three pin pillows and get started on the assembly line process of stitching up five gift totes.

Here's what I actually managed to do:

Assemble and trim nine Town Square ornaments.  I have been trying to stitch one a month this year and these are my January through September ornaments.  I have yet to start the October ornament and may not get it this month.

Then I assembled and trimmed two Halloween ornaments.  I haven't gotten out my Halloween decorations yet.  I usually have them up in the first week of October.  But when I finally get around to it, these two ornaments will be added to the tree.

I trimmed one of the heart ornaments.  The other three are in various stages of completion: one assembled with the cord trim pinned in place, one assembled but trim yet to be made and one not yet assembled.

The rest of the ornaments and smalls are in various states of near-completion:
**The Columbus Day ornament is assembled and the cord is pinned in place.
**I have made the cord for six more ornaments: the Trilogy's Spring series.  
**I also made the cord for the Kindred Spirits scissor fob but have yet to stitch it in place.
** I have pulled the chenille for trimming two pin pillows: Primitive Needle's Halloween Night and Dragon Dreams' Here Be Dragons.

But the Tansy, Yarrow and Rue smalls are still waiting to be assembled into pin pillows, the larger sampler is not yet a wall hanging.  The three Halloween pieces are still sitting on the dining room table, not yet sewn into Trick or Treat bags, The two Easter pieces await the selection of coordinating fabrics so that they may also become gift totes.  As to the Dragon Dreams' Compass Rose Dragon, I am not even sure how I want to finish it.  I am thinking either a bell pull or a flat fold stand up.

On the positive side of the ledger: I have completely finished 12 ornaments, am close to finishing four more and am ready to trim three more smalls.

On the negative side of the ledger: five would-be totes, three pin pillows, a wall hanging and a mystery finish still languish on the ironing board or dining room table. 

That's 12 down and 17 to go.


Loretta said...

All your ornaments look great. You were much more productive than I was. I hoped to get 1 Halloween ornament finished this weekend and failed miserably.

Julie said...

Such a super collection, you did well...a lot better than I achieved this weekend!

Linda said...

They all look gorgeous Regina. Great job.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

The Town Square ornies look fantastic! It is better to do a few things well than a bodge job on several more.

I have spent today making cardboard tombstones and a coffin for my Spooky Countdown.

Anna van Schurman said...

Your town square ornaments look fantastic!

Melody said...

You are making great progress with the finishing! It all takes more time than we think...