Saturday, October 11, 2014

Another Stitching Meme: Are you a stitching snob?

Every now and then I get the urge to interview other stitchers on a variety of topics, if for no other reason than to see how far beyond the realm of reason I have strayed.  Recently, on a board I had frequented, I was labelled an "elitist".  Now, I am okay with that.  Push comes to shove, I'd far rather be called an elitist than a moron.  But it has started me wondering.  Am I a stitching snob?  I know I am a tea snob and I have heard it said that I am an intellectual snob ... usually when I am being finicky about grammar, historical accuracy or the quality of television programming.  But I have been pretty careful not to betray my stitching biases on boards and in chat rooms, especially those with large memberships in which you will find every level of skill and taste..

So here goes, a few questions to determine whether one is a stitching snob:

1. Do you subscribe to SANQ and read it cover to cover? [n.b.: a true snob does not need a translation of the acronym].  Yes, I do.  I have even stitched several designs from its pages.
[Give yourself 5 points if you subscribe and read cover to cover, 3 points if you subscribe, 1 if you know what SANQ stands for but don't subscribe, and 0 if you neither subscribe nor know what SANQ stands for.]

2. Do you own books about the history of the needle arts, reference books on special stitches and/or sampler motifs, ethnic stitching traditions, etc.?  How many books are in your library?  Yes.  At least 2 dozen or more.
[Give yourself 1 point for every book in your library]

3. Do you belong to ANG or EGA?  EGA
[Give yourself 5 points for each organization you belong to.]

4. Do you prefer to stitch on Aida or evenweave or linen?  I prefer linen but have used evenweave.  I rarely use Aida.
[Give yourself 5 points for linen, 3 points for evenweave and 1 point for Aida]

5. If linen, do you prefer 28 ct, 32 ct, 36 ct or 40 ct?  I usually stitch on 32 and 36 ct but I have some 28 and 40ct in stash.
[Give yourself the following points for linen you have in stash: 5 points 40 ct, 4  for 36 ct, 3 for 32 ct and 1 for 28ct.  This could add up quite nicely if you have linen in a variety of counts]

6. Do you prefer to stitch over one or over two?  I'll do either just as happily.
[Give yourself 5 points for over one and 3 points for over two or 6 points if you do both.]

7. Have you ever stitched on 60 ct gauze?  Yes.
[Give yourself 5 points for Yes and 0 points for No.]

8. Do you own a laying tool?  Yes.
[Give yourself 5 points for Yes and 0 points for No.]

9. Do you use your laying tool?  Rarely.
[Give yourself 5 points for Yes and 0 points for No.]

10. Do you prefer to stitch with DMC/Anchor cotton, overdyed cottons, silks or overdyed silks?  I'll stitch with any and every fiber but I adore silk.
[Give yourself 5 points for silks of any kind, 3 points for over dyed cotton, 1 point for DMC/Anchor]

11. Have you ever used exotic fibers like bamboo, velvet, leather, silk ribbon, wool/silk blends or other specialty fibers?  Yes, I love using all sorts of fibers and specialty floss.
[Give yourself 5 points you own 10 or more different specialty fibers and 3 points if you own 9 or less, and 0 points if you don't own any]

12. Do you know how to railroad your stitches?  Yes.
[Give yourself 5 points for Yes and 0 points for No.]

13. Do you have a private list of designers you think are terminally cute and to be avoided like the plague?  Most definitely.
[Give yourself 5 points for Yes and 0 points for No.]

14. Do terms like "diagonal Queen stitch", "Rhodes Heart stitches" and the like fall trippingly off your tongue? Yes, I enjoy doing complex and interesting stitches.
[Give yourself 5 points for Yes and 0 points for No.]

15. Do you design some of your own projects?  Yes.  I have designed about a dozen of my own projects over the past few years.
[Give yourself 5 points for Yes and 0 points for No.]

16. Do you gravitate toward designers like Teresa Wentzler, Miribilia, Ink Circles, Whispered in the Wind or other purveyors of the big and complex charts?  One can never have too many Teresa Wentzler projects on the go.
[Give yourself 5 points for Yes and 0 points for No.]

17. Do you turn pale when confronted with a chart that has more than 4 pages of graph and even more pages of accompanying instructions?  No.
[Give yourself 5 points for No and 0 points for Yes.]

18. Do you distinguish between projects that are heirloom quality and stuff that you've stitched for fun or for seasonal decorating?  Absolutely, not everything I stitch is meant to be passed down through the generations with awe and reverence.  Some of it is for fun in the here and now.  Not everything has to be high art.
[Give yourself 5 points for Yes and 0 points for No.]

19. Do you use a stitching stand?  Yes, for some of my larger projects.
[Give yourself 5 points for Yes and 0 points for No.]

20. Do you stitch two handed?  When I am using a floor model stitching stand, I do.  But not when using lap stands and table stands.  It just doesn't seem comfortable.                     
[Give yourself 5 points for Yes and 0 points for No.]

100+ to 85:  You are certainly a serious and experienced stitcher.  There may be a hint of snobbery in there though most reasonable folk would call it justifiable pride!
84 to 65:  You are a competent stitcher with a fairly broad frame of reference and probably eager to learn more about this fascinating craft.  But not yet a snob.
64 to 45:  You are no longer a novice.
44 and less: You haven't yet had the time or the opportunity to explore all the facets of this wonderful craft..

Well, there you have it.  Just a few questions about topics that seem to be touchstones in determining, at least for some, elitism or snobbery or whatever as it relates to stitching.  So, are you a stitching snob?  If you'd like to leave a comment with your score, I'd enjoy seeing the range.

My score: 117.


rosey175 said...

32, hah. And this is higher than I had been expecting. I was saved by the stand, two-handed, and designing (some of) my own "terminally cute" patterns. When most of one's stash is limited to what can be found in thrift stores, one can't be too snobby. :)

Linda said...

Oh I did good. I scored 15.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

ThIs was so much fun!! I got 57 and I do consider myself a bit of a snob.
I lost out because I don't use any tools, I stitch in hand always. I also don't have access to the variety of threads that stitchers in the US have so scored low for those questions. I am sure if I could buy silks more cheaply and easily I would prefer them! Same goes for SANQ, I got an online issue and it wasn't the same as a hard copy. I guess I'm a book snob too LOL.
I scored highly on the actual stitching, loving complex designs and high count fabrics, over one stitching etc. And my library (which i estimated because I couldn't be bothered to get off the sofa)

Vickie said...

I too got 57. Very interesting.

llknbillburg said...

Well, I must confess to a 114. I know I'm a stitching snob but don't worry about it too much since all my stitching buddies are in that boat with me!! Got over the cute stuff in the early days and love complicated pieces on high count linen with the occasional 'just cross stitch' piece thrown in for relief. Have never stitched on 62 ct gauze but have stitched on 40 ct. Don't design my own since there it so much out there I want to stitch (did I say I have a ginormous stash!!) that I don't have to! I will say that I frequently change other peoples designs to suit my own taste though. Laura

Ann said...

Definitely a snob, way over 100 simply because of my needlework library, which I've been amassing for almost 50 years. My godmother owned a needlework shop, so I was exposed very early to wonderful techniques and challenged to continue learning as much as possible.

Actually, I'm amazed by people who don't have some sort of obsession--what do they do with themselves all day and into the evening?

Anna van Schurman said...

I am happily not a stitching snob. Except when people put busy designs on multicolored fabrics.

Maggee said...

Nope--not a snob! But one question--the terminally cute one... I don't like ONE designer in particular, but I wouldn't say they are 'cute'... so... didn't know how to score THAT one! Ha! I like that intellectual snob explanation. I am a fanatic about Grammar, Spelling and History--and don't even start me on what they put on t.v. Yesterday daughter and granddaughter wanted to come over to watch a movie with hubby and me. Grand D is 4 going on 24, but I stick to the real age. So anything that was PG-13 or worse was out, but her Mom said some were fine! Hello!?! Let's have a chat about her nightmares, shall we?? Great post!