Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Random Tuesday

It was rather busy at work yesterday.  I found myself putting in extra hours.  And it promises to be just as busy today and I'll be heading into work a few hours earlier than usual.  So there is not much stitching or finishing to show.  But, here are a few photos.

Further progress on Indy 2006 Town Square Series' The Gourmet Shop by Twisted Thread.  Since I am stitching this series from stash, I made a few slight modifications regarding my thread palette.  The walls of the first story were supposed to be WDW Beige, which I did not have on hand.  I substituted the WDW Cocoa which was supposed to be the roof color and carried the WDW Chestnut up from the second story to the roof.  I tend to think a roof should be darker than the walls of a building anyway.  I also regularized the widths of the windows.  As charted the second window from the right was one stitch narrower than the others.  I prefer symmetry which is also why I will be stitching two chimneys equidistant from the roof's edges rather than the one off-center chimney that was charted.  Right now this doesn't look much like a gourmet shop but the signage and the window displays will soon change that.  Once complete, this shop will be one of the more distinctive buildings in the series.

Here are the materials for the sewing finish for Sue Donnelly's Kindred Spirits, kitted up and ready to work on tomorrow.  I found this lovely bit of lace with just the right shade of ribbon in the trim stash  my mother gave me when her eyesight started failing.  A trick of the light shows the ribbon as two toned.  But it is actually entirely the darker color.

And, I finally packed up all my Mystic giveaways last night.  My husband will be taking them to the post office today.


Linda said...

Nice progress Regina.


Julie said...

Lovely selection of finishing items for Kindred Spirits.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I really like the trimming you have chosen for that piece, the colours are lovely.